Friday, January 13, 2012

Year of Jubilee. . .PLEASE!!!

(I actually wrote this a while back on facebook. . .but it's well worth repeating. . .enjoy)

So, anyone been to one of the Orange County Libraries lately? I was just wondering if you saw my picture up on the wall? No, not on the Most Wanted board. You know that area where they put pictures of the "Friends of the Library." The ones who give money to the library system on a regular basis on a one time donation. They even have different levels depending on how much money you donate to them. Actually, I am not sure just which level I'd be under. All I know is that I've made "donations" of $11.25 and even $24.00 at a time to the well deserving library system. Oh, they call it "overdue fines," but I don't really care for that term, I prefer to think of it as a donation which would make me a "donor." 

Speaking of late fees and such, have you ever taken the time to do some math and figure out what you waste in a year in overdue fines, late fees, etc? I haven't, but I am sure it is much more than I care to think about. The library alone kills me every time. It is not that the fees are so much as they're only about .25 a day per book. The problem is that I check out 50 to 60 books at a time). . now THAT really adds up fast. Then if you consider overdue DVDs, and credit card payments, not to mention those pesty ATM user charges. . .WOW!! I was thinking that it would be great to have a time of jubilee. Like that "year of jubilee" in the bible where your debts are forgiven every seven years. Only I was thinking of something like when you turn say 50 (I just randomly picked that age. . hahahaha) you get back ALL the late fees, over due fines, etc that you have paid out so far. Then you could invest the money and retire on it. Cuz I hear that we're not gonna get much from SSI. You can't tell me that you wouldn't wanna get back all those fees you have paid out. And if not. . .easy come, easy go. . .or so they say.

Martin Luther once said:
"I have held many things in my hands and lost them all; but the things I have placed in God's hands, THOSE I always possess.". . . . .

 .. . . .and Those Are My Thoughts Exactly!!!!!

Until next time, please keep an eye on those late fees. . .

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