Friday, March 30, 2012

Just a quick update. . .

Hey there folks,

Yep, I am still alive. I know, I know it's been like forever since I blogged. I apologize that even though it's been a while this is going to be short and sweet. In case you haven't heard me shout it from the roof tops, or saw it plastered all over my Facebook timeline. . . .I AM GONNA BE A GRANDMA!!!!!

Yep, my beautiful daughter Nataleigh and her handsome husband Jake are expecting my first grandbaby. I am super excited for this stage of my life. I even started a new blog that you'll have to check out:

Those of you who are grandparents know how I am feeling right now. I truly hope all of you will be able to have this blessing someday. There isn't anything else quite like it, that's for sure.

My Grandma Opal once said:

"Being a grandparent put the exclamation point on my life."

. . . those are My Thoughts Exactly!

Until next time keep findin' joy my friends.

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